June 2, 2016

What's In A Name?

Often when it comes to working on brand design, we are asked to take an existing name or concept and create a “brand” look, which is then rolled out across campaign executions.

But sometimes you get the chance to work on something totally new. A “brand” that hasn’t started out in life yet, is just an idea in someone’s head. That was the case with a new natural skincare brand that we helped to launch.

The product concept existed, and the audience was known. But it had no name and no identity. That is where we were asked to help. The provenance of this new brand was Italian, so we created the name “VitaBella”. Meaning “beautiful life”, we researched it across Europe to make sure the brand could be used and trademarked, and we designed an identity that was unique.

From there, creating the packaging and all the support literature was a joy and we watched it like proud parents as VitaBella grew to be an award winning natural skincare brand.