Literature Design




June 3, 2016

When we design a piece of literature, we want it to be touched. It’s meant to be tactile, to engage, to elicit a response from the reader. If it just sits there, looking beautiful but being ignored, it isn’t a good design.

But if you want to pick it up, touch it, smell it (yes, different stock types have a different smell!), smile at it and read it, then, in our mind, that is good design.

It all starts with the message. What is it you want to say? To whom? Do you know who the audience is? Copywriting is an art and is as important as the visual design – get the copy right and the design flows. Get it wrong and there is a disconnect between the design and the audience and you have lost the moment.

So we spend as much time thinking and working on the copy as we do on the graphic design. And that is what makes the difference. Between good design and great design.